. . . We are looking for talented engineers . . .


We are young, enthusiastic and dynamic team with flat hierarchies aiming to rock the 3D printing industry. We have a super-druper office at Airbus BizLab in Toulouse and a cozy one in Munich, strategically located between two breweries. We want you to let your ideas fly, challenge the status quo and build the digital distribution platform for industrial 3D printing. You are there from the first days and have an impact on the tools and technologies we use.


Wanna join?


Security Mastermind

  • Some people browse 9GAG, you have Phrack.
  • Understanding cryptography & PKI fundamentals.
  • Eve cannot read any of your e-mails.
  • Awareness of authentication mechanism and access & usage control.
  • You can do magic with your programming skills.
  • Set up the toolbox for privacy enhancing technologies and data anonymization.

Python Wizard

  • Doing magic with your coding skills.
  • Understanding of software architecture, performance, scaling, data modeling, airplanes and
    API design.
  • “Simple is better than complex.
    Complex is better than complicated.”
  • Git is in your blood. You deliver updates multiple times a day.
  • Solve problems at their root, stepping back to understand the broader context.

Web Developer (Front End)

  • Desire to enter the world of Angular.
  • Take ownership of the front end code base.
  • Aware of the interplay between JavaScript and HTML and CSS.
  • Explore and design dynamic and elegant UIs.


If you think you can make a difference in one or in the mix of the above, feel free to share with us the master plan to take over the world at hello(at)3dtrust.de